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Clinic Management System

Digit – CMS (Clinic Management System)

clinic management system

Digit-CMS is a Clinic Management System from expert team of Digitlabs. Doctors are expert in their respective field, but managing a clinic is another ballgame altogether. This is where Digitlabs steps in with their unique product, Digit-CMS which not only helps you in managing patient visits, records, prescriptions, history, billing and even managing inventory of inhouse pharmacy.

Digit-CMS is a very simple and user-friendly clinic management system, customizable as per your need. It allows to build pre-filled templates for different diagnoses/diseases to help save time of the doctors. These editable templates are available for multiple specialties.

With this web-based application, you need not worry about the updates and management of application. You just need an internet connection and you are ready to use the application.

clinic management system
Roles Functionality
General Features
  • Web based application
  • Access from anywhere & anytime
  • Ready to integrate with SMS API
  • Manage patient history
  • Manage staff details
  • Manage invoice
  • Pharmacy management
  • Automated inventory alerts
  • Seamless Import / Export of data with application
  • Easy setup of product list in pharmacy
  • Daily and weekly report generation
  • Setup Account
  • Setup Doctor, Staff and pharmacy account
  • Setup other users details
  • Export daily report- billing, patient visits, pharmacy inventory
  • Set replenishment point of medicine
  • Export Time wise report
  • Export report of patient
  • Manage appointment
  • Generate file of patient soft/hard copy
  • Re-appointment of old patient
  • Manage billing
  • View patient history
  • Manage patient report
  • Manage prescription
  • Manage standard templates
  • Manage instructions for staff through online notes
Pharmacy Login
  • Manage billing
  • View prescription written by doctor
  • Check stock and update inventory
  • Get Notification if any medicine is going out of stock

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